Balance Studio was born from the desire to create a quality boutique space for the Surfcoast community and those visiting to exercise and connect. We have something for everybody in our beautiful light-filled studio in Torquay. Heated and non-heated Yoga, Pilates, Barre and HIIT classes. All challenging but beginner-friendly where you can progress at your own pace.Our experienced instructors are there to ensure that you get the results you're after.

Our Team

Emily Zuesse


Bikram Yoga Teacher and

Pilates Instructor

My Yoga and Pilates path began in 2011 during a high-stress career when I needed to reset and prioritise both my physical and mental health.My practice changed my life in more ways than one and after having children it became even more important for my well-being.I underwent Teacher Training in 2014 and 2015 so I could share my love of Bikram Yoga and Mat Pilates with others.I will forever enjoy watching students reap the rewards and evolve through the balance and discipline their practice brings.I look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Megan Donchi

Barre Instructor and

Boxing Trainer


Megan is warm, engaging and fun but don't let that fool you. She delivers high energy muscle-burning workouts from the moment class starts to the very last exhale.Her road to the fitness industry started whilst studying musical theatre in 2010.She was drawn to it participating in group fitness and soon became qualified to teach -Pilates,Boxing,Personal Training,Spin and Barre.Megan has a love of travel but when at home in beautiful Torquay she can often be seen walking her dog 'Busta' along the beach.

Leigh Potter

Barre Instructor,

Boxing Trainer and

Yoga Teacher

With a strong focus on holistic health, Leigh likes to empower her students to feel strong and balanced in body and mind both in and outside of the studio.She is energetic, caring and always up for a laugh.With a wealth of knowledge and over ten years experience in the industry,her teaching style focuses on building a strong foundation then branching out to more intense, complex training methods. Life is busy and she knows the importance of finding a balance between remaining fit physically, mentally and emotionally.She loves to surf, practice Yoga and spending time with her young family.

Deb Columbus

Barre Instructor

You'll walk away from Deb's Barre class with a full body burn, don't be fooled by her gentle nature and sweet smile, she will push you to give it 110%. After a lifestyle overhaul in her early twenties Deb fell in love with all things health and wellbeing which led her to complete her Pilates and Barre training.She loves to encourage others to take positive steps to develop their own wellness story. When she's not in the studio Deb loves to spend time exploring the coast we are so lucky to live on, experimenting in the kitchen - raw treats are her speciality (just ask her for her recipes) and travelling to warm places with her family and friends.

Courtney Smith

Bikram Yoga Teacher

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